"I am a 'mature' singer who came to Kathy with years of unsolved vocal problems.  Basically, I just gave her my voice and said 'please help me to be a better singer!' Kathy was able to quickly get to the root of my problems, such as re-educating me in singing basics (e.g. breathing and support; poor jaw and neck alignment). She helped me to create a focus for my voice that re-established the vocal brilliance that I  had years ago.  She is also an extremely caring individual who teaches the whole person as a singer, not just 'the voice'.  I highly recommend Kathy as a teacher of singing to anyone, even if you do not have any vocal problems.  Kathy will find ways to help you achieve your singing goals." ---- Nancy D.



"You may have a voice, but lack confidence.  You  may have a voice, but lack breath or stamina. You may sing like an angel, but can it last for hours? That is where Kathy Harris enters the picture.  She is not just a voice teacher.  She extends your vocal range, develops your breath support, assists with pronunciation of many languages and gives you confidence!  What a package deal she is! ---- Celeste G.


"Kathy somehow took my teeny tiny little voice and drew it out of me in ways I didn't believe I could reach.  She managed to really, truly pull me out of my shell and help form me into not only the singer I have always wanted to be, but the person I have always wanted to be.  From lessons full of tears to others full of  laughs and happiness, I'm so happy she is the one I got to share them with.  Thank you so much!" --- Maxine M. (Kean University student)



"I have had the pleasure of being Kathy Harris' vocal student since 2008.  Over the course of our years together, my voice, my confidence in singing, and my vocal technique have developed and matured more than I ever could have hoped.  From my first lesson with Kathy, I realized just how much I had yet to learn.  Thankfully, Kathy has a  magical way of making it all seem reachable.  She understands the value of patience and repetition, and gently but firmly reminds her students that nothing comes without persistence, practice and determination.
That being said, every lesson with Kathy is a joy!  She has an amazing way of making learning challenging but fun.  I remember reading a book about teaching singing, and the author said something like, 'Every voice lesson should include a good amount of laughter and two-way communication between teacher and student.'  This statement summarizes my lessons with Kathy perfectly.  She gets to know all her students as whole people, not just vocalists. Finally, Kathy is a great role model for me.  She is a consummate vocalist and performer who actually makes her living at and is dedicated to her craft."  ---- Nancy G.