Melodia Studio Policies


Generally, it is expected that students will take lessons on a regular weekly basis.  I'm absolutely committed to helping you to make vocal progress and steady lessons are the quickest route to attaining that objective.  I also expect that you'll be able to commit time to practicing singing outside of your lessons.  This involves daily vocalizing in the manner set forth during lessons and working on repertoire which has been chosen to enhance your vocal progress.



The first lesson with all new students will be an introductory one-hour lesson, the cost of which will be $100. 

Thereafter, lesson fees are as follows:


$100 for one hour lessons

$80 for 45 minute lessons (available for high school students only, to be determined by consultation with parents)



I accept cash or checks made payable to Melodia Studio LLC.

Students are expected to pay for an entire month's lessons at the first lesson of each month.



1. Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hour notice will be forfeited.

2. Once per month students may cancel with 24 hours notice and receiva a make-up lesson.

3. Cancellation more than once per month will result in forfetied lesson, regardless of notice.

4. If I cancel a lesson which has been paid for in advance, a make-up lesson will be scheduled at our mutual convenience.



Singing lessons will begin on time, as scheduled.  If you arrive late, you will receive instruction for the balance of time remaining in the scheduled lesson.



Students should be prepared to purchase music for use in their lessons.  We will choose repertoire which suits your needs, sometimes sheet music and sometimes a volume of songs. 



Generally, I will provide accompaniment for your weekly lessons.  However, in the event that you choose to take part in a Melodia Studio recital performance or Melodia performance workshop, there will be an additional fee charged to cover the cost of the accompanist. 

You may elect to bring an accompanist with you to a lesson whenever you choose.



Students are required to bring a recording device with them to lessons.  Recording lessons in order to listen during the interval between lessons is an extremely helpful tool and fascilitates vocal practice and ease in learning new repertoire.  It is also possible on occasion to record accompaniments for your practice use.


A copy of these policies will be given to you at your introductory lesson.  Continuation of lessons constitutes agreement with Melodia Studio for Singers policies.